A Vineyeard Fiber Welcome

Beautiful Farm

A warm and big handed welcome from the fun and loving Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm team! We must admit, that out lifestyle got the better of us, which concluded is huuuge downtime for our website. But just like mom always use to say, if you cant hear from them, it’s probably because they are having too much fun. And this is exactly the case, we have been busy making yarn, farming, studying and planning the future. The years have passed fast, and they have been very exiting too. And even if we have some extra time to spare, probably we use it for knitting sweaters and so on.

So why have we come back, well the answer is pretty simple. We have a new member on our farm, who has It skills. Yes, we are very thankful for the amazing Danny, who has been more than helpful to fix our website and put it back online. Thank you Danny!! Now all we have to do is write, and ask Danny to put some nice pictures in for us. He is doing photography too, so expect a lot of beautiful pictures of the farm as well!

As for the writing team, we are now the two of us that have promised to be more or less engaged with the operatings. Susan Shepherd & the one who’s writing at the moment, Martha Gibbs. Well, agriculture is seeing interesting times so we have a lot to say too. We want to preserve our culture and have our voice heard. So please, throw away your preconceptions and read on!

Martha Gibbs